path: root/lib/sisu/v1
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* sysenv sha256 fix, set pwdsisu_0.71.2Ralph Amissah2009-08-021-0/+1
* html book index, batch processing fix, re-initialize variable after useRalph Amissah2009-07-281-0/+1
* html seg, navigation band button placementsisu_0.71.1Ralph Amissah2009-07-241-7/+7
* dal images, if no rmagick, system call imagemagick directly if availableRalph Amissah2009-07-241-6/+21
* manifest, include book index if availableRalph Amissah2009-07-232-4/+9
* html scroll left marginRalph Amissah2009-07-232-1/+8
* move lib to version 1 directory, (lib/sisu/v1) and make related changesRalph Amissah2009-07-04108-0/+45805