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:breaks: new=C; break=1
:bold: /Debian|Ruby|SiSU/
:italics: /Linux|GPL|GPLv3|LaTeX|PostgreSQL|SQLite|SQL|Vim|ascii|plaintext|UTF-?8|HTML|XHTML|XML|EPUB|OpenDocument|ODF|ODT|PDF|pgSQL|TeXinfo|YAML|YML|OCN|object citation system|object citation numbering|granular search|Dublin Core/
- :substitute: /${sisu_stable}/,'5.5.4' /${sisu_dev}/,'6.1.4' /${debian_stable}/,'*{Wheezy}*' /${debian_testing}/,'*{Jessie}*'
+ :substitute: /${sisu_stable}/,'5.6.0' /${sisu_dev}/,'6.2.1' /${debian_stable}/,'*{Wheezy}*' /${debian_testing}/,'*{Jessie}*'
:home_button_text: {SiSU}http://sisudoc.org; {git}http://git.sisudoc.org
:footer: {SiSU}http://sisudoc.org; {git}http://git.sisudoc.org
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@@ -37,12 +37,15 @@ SiSU is a document publishing system, that from a simple single marked-up docume
2~ Document Processing Command Flags
-!_ -a [filename/wildcard] \\
-produces plaintext with Unix linefeeds and without markup, (object numbers are omitted), has footnotes at end of each paragraph that contains them [ -A for equivalent dos (linefeed) output file] [see -e for endnotes]. (Options include: --endnotes for endnotes --footnotes for footnotes at the end of each paragraph --unix for unix linefeed (default) --msdos for msdos linefeed)
+!_ -[0-9] [filename/wildcard] \\
+see --act
!_ --ao [filename/wildcard/url] \\
assumed for most other flags, creates new intermediate files for processing (abstract objects, document abstraction) that is used in all subsequent processing of other output. This step is assumed for most processing flags. To skip it see -n. Alias -m.
+!_ --act[0-9] [filename/wildcard] \\
+--act0 to --act9 configurable shortcuts for multiple flags, -0 to -9 synonyms, configure in sisurc.yml, sisu default action on a specified file where no flag is provided is --act0, current default setting for --act0 is --digest --qrcode --text --html --epub --concordance --pdf --odf --docbook --xhtml --xml-sax --xml-dom --sqlite --manifest --verbose
!_ --asciitext [filename/wildcard] \\
asciitext, smart text (not available)
@@ -55,9 +58,6 @@ see --output-by-*
!_ -C \\
configure/initialise shared output directory files initialize shared output directory (config files such as css and dtd files are not updated if they already exist unless modifier is used). -C --init-site configure/initialise site more extensive than -C on its own, shared output directory files/force update, existing shared output config files such as css and dtd files are updated if this modifier is used.
-!_ -CC \\
-see --configure
!_ -c [filename/wildcard] \\
see --color-toggle
@@ -94,6 +94,9 @@ document digest or document content certificate ( DCC ) as sha digest tree of th
!_ --docbook [filename/wildcard/url] \\
docbook xml
+!_ --dom [filename/wildcard/url] \\
+see --xml-dom
!_ --dump[=directory_path] [filename/wildcard] \\
places output in directory specified, if none is specified in the current directory (pwd). Unlike using default settings HTML files have embedded css. Compare --redirect
@@ -324,6 +327,9 @@ see --source
!_ --sample-search-form [--db-(pg|sqlite)] \\
generate examples of (naive) cgi search form for SQLite or PgSQL depends on your already having used sisu to populate an SQLite or PgSQL database, (the SQLite version scans the output directories for existing sisu_sqlite databases, so it is first necessary to create them, before generating the search form) see --sqlite & --pg and the database section below. Optional additional parameters: --db-user='www-data'. The samples are dumped in the present work directory which must be writable, (with screen instructions given that they be copied to the cgi-bin directory). Alias -F
+!_ --sax [filename/wildcard/url] \\
+see --xml-sax
!_ --scp [filename/wildcard] \\
copies sisu output files to remote host using scp. This requires that sisurc.yml has been provided with information on hostname and username, and that you have your "keys" and ssh agent in place. Also see --rsync. Alias -r
@@ -484,36 +490,6 @@ kills data" and drops (PostgreSQL or SQLite) db, tables & indexes [ -d --dropall
The -v is for verbose output.
-1~command_shorcuts Shortcuts, Shorthand for multiple flags
-!_ --update [filename/wildcard] \\
-Checks existing file output and runs the flags required to update this output. This means that if only html and pdf output was requested on previous runs, only the -hp files will be applied, and only these will be generated this time, together with the summary. This can be very convenient, if you offer different outputs of different files, and just want to do the same again.
-!_ -0 to -5 [filename or wildcard] \\
-Default shorthand mappings (note that the defaults can be changed/configured in the sisurc.yml file):
-!_ -0 \\
--NQhewpotbxXyYv [this is the default action run when no options are give, i.e. on 'sisu [filename]']
-!_ -1 \\
-!_ -2 \\
-!_ -3 \\
-!_ -4 \\
--NQhewpotbxXDyY --update
-!_ -5 \\
--NQhewpotbxXDyYv --update
-add -v for verbose mode and -c to toggle color state, e.g. sisu -2vc [filename or wildcard]
-consider -u for appended url info or -v for verbose output
2~ Command Line with Flags - Batch Processing
In the data directory run sisu -mh filename or wildcard eg. "sisu -h cisg.sst" or "sisu -h *.{sst,ssm}" to produce html version of all documents.