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@@ -81,9 +81,9 @@ specify sisu version for sisu installed via gem
gem search sisu
- sisu _5.5.1_ --version
+ sisu _5.6.0_ --version
- sisu _6.1.1_ --version
+ sisu _6.2.1_ --version
to uninstall sisu installed via gem
@@ -233,12 +233,8 @@ more see: <http://sisudoc.org> or <http://www.jus.uio.no/sisu>
-*-a [filename/wildcard]*
-produces /plaintext/ with Unix linefeeds and without markup, (object numbers
-are omitted), has footnotes at end of each paragraph that contains them [ -A
-for equivalent dos (linefeed) output file] [see -e for endnotes]. (Options
-include: --endnotes for endnotes --footnotes for footnotes at the end of each
-paragraph --unix for unix linefeed (default) --msdos for msdos linefeed)
+*-[0-9] [filename/wildcard]*
+see --act
*--ao [filename/wildcard/url]*
assumed for most other flags, creates new intermediate files for processing
@@ -246,6 +242,13 @@ assumed for most other flags, creates new intermediate files for processing
processing of other output. This step is assumed for most processing flags. To
skip it see -n. Alias -m.
+*--act[0-9] [filename/wildcard]*
+--act0 to --act9 configurable shortcuts for multiple flags, -0 to -9 synonyms,
+configure in sisurc.yml, sisu default action on a specified file where no flag
+is provided is --act0, current default setting for --act0 is --digest --qrcode
+--text --html --epub --concordance --pdf --odf --docbook --xhtml --xml-sax
+--xml-dom --sqlite --manifest --verbose
*--asciitext [filename/wildcard]*
asciitext, smart text (not available)
@@ -263,9 +266,6 @@ site more extensive than -C on its own, shared output directory files/force
update, existing shared output config files such as css and dtd files are
updated if this modifier is used.
-see --configure
*-c [filename/wildcard]*
see --color-toggle
@@ -317,6 +317,9 @@ screen.
*--docbook [filename/wildcard/url]*
docbook xml
+*--dom [filename/wildcard/url]*
+see --xml-dom
*--dump[=directory_path] [filename/wildcard]*
places output in directory specified, if none is specified in the current
directory (pwd). Unlike using default settings /HTML/ files have embedded css.
@@ -616,6 +619,9 @@ additional parameters: --db-user='www-data'. The samples are dumped in the
present work directory which must be writable, (with screen instructions given
that they be copied to the cgi-bin directory). Alias -F
+*--sax [filename/wildcard/url]*
+see --xml-sax
*--scp [filename/wildcard]*
copies sisu output files to remote host using scp. This requires that
sisurc.yml has been provided with information on hostname and username, and
@@ -843,44 +849,6 @@ kills data" and drops (/PostgreSQL/ or /SQLite/) db, tables & indexes [ -d
The -v is for verbose output.
-*--update [filename/wildcard]*
-Checks existing file output and runs the flags required to update this output.
-This means that if only html and pdf output was requested on previous runs,
-only the -hp files will be applied, and only these will be generated this time,
-together with the summary. This can be very convenient, if you offer different
-outputs of different files, and just want to do the same again.
-*-0 to -5 [filename or wildcard]*
-Default shorthand mappings (note that the defaults can be changed/configured in
-the sisurc.yml file):
--NQhewpotbxXyYv [this is the default action run when no options are give, i.e.
-on 'sisu [filename]']
--NQhewpotbxXDyY --update
--NQhewpotbxXDyYv --update
-add -v for verbose mode and -c to toggle color state, e.g. sisu -2vc [filename
-or wildcard]
-consider -u for appended url info or -v for verbose output