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authorRalph Amissah <ralph@amissah.com>2007-07-07 09:21:47 +0100
committerRalph Amissah <ralph@amissah.com>2007-07-07 09:21:47 +0100
commit52f8b9c0b1e1606a4260ef2e0df4d525497691b1 (patch)
treecfb189e2c1dce1af31fc4eb9c414b3bbc6128202 /Rantfile
parent0.55.1 sync (diff)
cgi-sample search form; texinfo fix; xml scaffold; help, man pages etc. visited; screen output, color set to true; docbook entries removed
* cgi generated sample search form * order results on files of the same title, in multiple files (with different filenames) * postgresql, character case sensitivity, control, on/off * tail decoration, gplv3 & sisu info * texinfo/info (pinfo) module starts to do something vaguely useful again [not a much used module, testing required] * print XML rendition of document structure to screen -T * sisurc.yml default, color set to true [apologies if this causes anyone any inconvenience, it is configurable in sisurc.yml] * help, man pages, README (man(8) related and env, 'sisu -V') * docbook entries removed for the present time * sisu-install (install ruby rant script renamed) and permissions set to executable
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1 files changed, 6 insertions, 13 deletions
diff --git a/Rantfile b/Rantfile
index 04063df5..f46c89ec 100644
--- a/Rantfile
+++ b/Rantfile
@@ -189,7 +189,7 @@ task :default => [:default_notice,:project]
desc "Setup/Install #{@proj[:name]} and try generate a file"
task :project=> [:setup_bin,:setup_lib,:setup_conf,:setup_share,:setup_data,:setup_man,:setup_vim,:post_install_note]
desc "Setup/Install #{@proj[:name]}"
-task :setup=> [:setup_bin, :setup_lib,:setup_conf,:setup_share,:setup_data,:post_install] #, :help]
+task :setup=> [:setup_bin, :setup_lib,:setup_conf,:setup_share,:setup_data] #, :help]
desc "Setup/Install #{@proj[:name]}: bin, lib and conf (no data)"
task :setup_base=> [:setup_bin,:setup_lib,:setup_conf,:setup_share,:setup_man,:setup_vim]
desc "Setup/Install #{@proj[:name]} bin, lib and conf (no data and no attempt to do postinstall setup)"
@@ -290,8 +290,6 @@ if File.directory?('man') #man
desc "Setup Note"
task :setup_note => [:help]
-desc "Note on post installation" #remove conf
-task :post_install_note => [:post_install_note]
desc "System information used by #{@proj[:name]}"
task :system => [:system_info,:project_help,:post_install_note]
desc "show all system info available - parameters found"
@@ -307,24 +305,19 @@ task :create_rant_independent_task_file => [:rant_independence]
task :rant_independence do #notice
while resp.length < 4
- resp='install' #default name install
+ resp='sisu-install' #default name install
print %{#{@proj[:rant]}
Create a rant dependency independent file
provide filename default name is "install"
[Warning, will overwrite file of name provided
provide name or "quit" to exit]: }
- #res=File.new('/dev/tty').gets.strip
- #resp=res if res =~/\S{4,30}/
exit if resp =~/^(?:n|quit|exit)$/
remove='y' #remove='n'
- #remove=if FileTest.file?(resp)
- # print "a file of the same name #{resp} exists, [y] to replace: "
- # File.new('/dev/tty').gets.strip
- #else 'y'
- #end
- if remove =~/y/; system("rant-import --force --auto #{resp}\n")
- #puts "#{resp} updated"
+ if remove =~/y/
+ system("rant-import --force --auto #{resp};
+ chmod 755 #{resp}
+ ")
else #puts "#{resp} not replaced"