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2015-12-15documentation related to search, needs further reviewRalph Amissah1-10/+125
2015-05-21date, some remaining year updates 2015Ralph Amissah1-1/+1
2015-05-15documentation update !bibliography & !glossaryRalph Amissah1-41/+77
2015-05-01documentation, reflect absence of version directory branchesRalph Amissah1-17/+8
2015-05-01lib/sisu/*, single libs directory (c&d gone) (7)Ralph Amissah2-2/+0
* removed lib/sisu/{current,develop} dir branches v7 (v5 & v6 retired) * simplify dir structure, offer single version per snapshot * have enjoyed carrying stable and development versions v5 & v6 in a single tarball, may return to this structure
2015-03-24documentation update to mention bibliographyRalph Amissah1-13/+165
2014-10-03documentation, minor (on --act)sisu_5.6.9Ralph Amissah1-5/+6
2014-09-19update urls to git repoRalph Amissah1-3/+3
2014-08-20documentation related, sisu manual book index, and --no-stop commandsisu_5.6.2Ralph Amissah1-49/+77
2014-08-08documentation relatedsisu_5.6.0Ralph Amissah1-52/+17
2014-07-23documentation relatedsisu_5.5.2Ralph Amissah1-40/+44
2014-07-15documents / documentation relatedRalph Amissah1-3/+6
* COPYRIGHT, date *, minor * README * manpage
2014-07-11documention relatedsisu_5.5.0Ralph Amissah1-7/+16
2014-05-18documentation updatesRalph Amissah1-30/+24
* info on ruby-dbi removal affecting sisu in debian * moved to data/doc/sisu (softlinked from root dir) * CHANGELOG simplify maintenance * note version changes * misc
2014-05-13documentation, notes, updatesisu_5.3.5Ralph Amissah1-5/+5
2014-05-13v6: ao, document markup structure check, skip processing file on major errorRalph Amissah1-114/+318
* with error message & text at location of failure
2014-05-13v6: digests sha512 option implementedRalph Amissah1-0/+6
* options sha512 sha256 md5 * command line --sha512 * rcconf.yml ['defsault']['digest'] = sha512 * (Closes: #744402)
2014-02-14v5 v6: ocn, object citation numbering, --no-numbering option & default tuningsisu_5.3.4Ralph Amissah1-31/+30
* add less cryptic --numbering --no-numbering command-line options (to --no-ocn) * plaintext & odt switch default to ocn==true for consistency with other output * [decide how fine-grained ocn/numbering switches could be: could be per output type by command-line instruction (see txt & odt); currently set per sisu instruction for all outputs]
2014-02-09documentation, minor updatesisu_5.3.3Ralph Amissah1-83/+84
2014-02-05README & manpage (sisu.1) updatesisu_5.3.1Ralph Amissah1-163/+46
2014-01-26v5 v6: made true, branches: v6 development; v5 stable; v4 closedsisu_5.3.0Ralph Amissah1-0/+0
2013-12-03v5: documentation related to commands for new outputs in developmentsisu_4.2.13Ralph Amissah1-11/+76
2013-11-09v4 v5: bin/sisu-*sisu_4.2.12Ralph Amissah4-0/+156
* use option flag full names * add sisu-html-scroll, sisu-html-seg, sisu-pdf-portrait, sisu-pdf-landscape
2013-08-08v4: merge v5 lib (5.0.10)sisu_4.1.10Ralph Amissah1-1/+1
* output structure by, add monolingual alt for :filetype & :filename, step 1 * output structure by, monolingual alternative for :filetype or :filename without language code, if document is in default language * set a default language, 'en' or as specified * set in rc file or from command line instruction * command line e.g. sisu -hv --monolingual --by-filename sisu_markup.sst sisu -3v --monolingual --by-filetype sisu_manual.ssm * sisurc.yml lingual: 'mono' | 'multi' lingual: 'mono' * note: output by :filetype is roughly equivalent to what monolingual output by :language would be * allow command line setting of default language using language code --default-language='en' --default-lang-en if used together with --monolingual and --by-filetype or --by-filename the selected default language document will not have a language code in the output filename * output structure by, monolingual alternative, documentation * cgi helper script, sample search form, single form, monolingual option * single cgi form, (with different internal variables set for output types)
2013-07-31v5: output structure by, monolingual alternative, documentationRalph Amissah1-12/+29
2013-05-29v4 v5: help, documentation update, concentrate on man pagessisu_4.1.2Ralph Amissah1-65/+35
* documentation, manpage update * interactive help, out of date, removed
2013-05-10v5 dev branch opened (starts as copy of v4 stable branch); v3 branch closedsisu_4.1.0Ralph Amissah1-0/+0
* 5.0.0 dev opened * 4.1.0 stable * 3.* branch gone
2013-02-23v4: documentation, sisu markup (sisu_markup.sst, man page sisu.1, sisu.1.html)sisu_4.0.9Ralph Amissah1-2/+15
2013-02-07v4: documentation, sisu_manual/sisu_commands, manpage & htmlRalph Amissah1-8/+49
2013-02-04v4: documentation, include --html-scroll and --html-seg optionssisu_4.0.5Ralph Amissah1-4/+17
* sisu_manual/sisu_commands * manpage & html
2012-12-30v4: documentation, sisu.1 manpage & minorRalph Amissah1-1331/+1243
2012-12-12v4: documentation; markup samples & helpRalph Amissah1-1939/+868
2012-10-03v4: 4.0.0 new branch & version & changelog "opened"Ralph Amissah15-193/+10
2012-05-28v3: documentation update, command line control of output dir structureRalph Amissah1-23/+30
* --output-by-language; --output-by-filetype; --output-by-filename, or --by-language; --by-filetype; --by-filename * sisu_commands.ssi, manpage sisu.1, man2html
2012-03-21v3: documentation sisu_commands, manpage, html (man2html)sisu_3.2.1Ralph Amissah1-634/+685
2011-12-09v3: documentation, manpage & html (man2html)sisu_3.1.7Ralph Amissah1-11/+101
2011-10-04v2 v3: documentation, manpageRalph Amissah2-8/+145
2011-07-27v2 v3: manpageRalph Amissah1-264/+363
* commands: --qrcode -Q; update shortcut options * markup.sst: indent update; publisher
2011-06-27v3: documentation, on additional breaks in document, (remove some old info)sisu_3.0.13Ralph Amissah1-161/+94
* linebreak \\ (previously undocumented <br> kept but depreciated) [it is intended that this should close #617298 (post mail)] * page break (breaks column if column, else breaks page) * page new (new page, breaks page) * sisurc.yml set output directory structure by language * removed section on hyperestraier, too specialised for general manpage (also section not checked recently)
2011-05-30v3: documentation, minor update, includes --find / --globsisu_3.0.11Ralph Amissah1-54/+74
2011-04-28v*: manpages escaped hyphens reinstatedRalph Amissah13-701/+701
2011-04-20v2 v3: options, -M / --maintenance, new alias --keep-processing-filesRalph Amissah1-3/+7
* new alias --keep-processing-files (see Bug#622902) * document "--keep-processing-files" alias for "-M" ("--maintenance") * minor rearrangement of regex * (Closes: #622902)
2011-03-10manpage: sisu.1 and html regeneratedRalph Amissah1-1318/+1134
2011-03-06documentation, minor tidyRalph Amissah14-195/+189
2011-03-06manpage + html: sylink sisu.1 to sisu3.1Ralph Amissah1-0/+1
2011-03-06documentation, remove some filesRalph Amissah1-4806/+0
2011-03-05sisu.8 manpage & html deleted, needs rewrite, unhelpfulRalph Amissah1-333/+0
2011-03-05manpages: sisu.1 update; sisu_vim.7 cleaningRalph Amissah2-882/+812
2011-02-07documentation & man pages, add sisu3, sisu-po and touchesRalph Amissah12-0/+4886
2011-02-01v3 introduced as development branch, invoked using "sisu --v3 [instructions]Ralph Amissah1-0/+37