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* primarily todo with sisu documentation, changelog reproduced below:Ralph Amissah2007-09-233-3/+3
* primarily gpl3 changes, license changed, license included, images addedRalph Amissah2007-07-013-131/+148
* cgi search script fix, related to highlighting matches, changelog update, res...sisu_0.54.1Ralph Amissah2007-06-152-3/+3
* 0.53.0, pre-build, see changelog, library naming changed for scm, placed unde...upstream/0.53.0sisu_0.53.0Ralph Amissah2007-06-023-12/+12
* restrict use to ruby1.8 branch, i.e. < 1.9Ralph Amissah2007-05-243-3/+3
* restrict use to ruby1.8, plus some minor housekeeping changes file exist? ins...Ralph Amissah2007-05-233-3/+3
* Imported upstream version 0.52.7upstream/0.52.7sisu_0.52.7Ralph Amissah2007-05-223-0/+180