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+"%% SiSU Vim ftplugin
+" SiSU Maintainer: Ralph Amissah <>
+" SiSU Markup: SiSU (sisu-3.3) 2012-08-18
+" an ftplugin setting defaults for editing sisu markup files
+:syntax on
+:filetype on
+:filetype indent on
+:autocmd FileType sisu :set nonumber
+:set encoding=utf-8 fileencodings=
+:set ff=unix
+:set autowrite " Automatically save before commands like :next and :make
+:set nocompatible
+:set tabstop=2
+:set expandtab
+:set shiftwidth=2
+:set autoindent
+:set showcmd " Show (partial) command in status line.
+:set showmatch " Show matching brackets.
+:set ignorecase " Do case insensitive matching
+:set smartcase
+:set incsearch
+:set hlsearch
+:set gdefault
+:set guioptions=agr " add 'm' for menu
+:map <silent> <C-m> :if &guioptions =~# 'm' <Bar>
+ \set guioptions-=m <Bar>
+ \set guioptions-=T <Bar>
+ \else <Bar>
+ \set guioptions+=m <Bar>
+ \set guioptions-=T <Bar>
+ \endif<CR>
+:set paste
+:set statusline=%f%m%r%h%w\ [type=%Y]\ [format=%{&ff}]\ [%v:%l/%L\ %p%%]
+:set laststatus=2 " status line always on
+"% textwrap
+:set whichwrap=<,>,h,l,[,]
+:set nolinebreak " only affects display not buffer
+:set wrap
+:set wrapmargin=0
+"% map
+":let mapleader = "," " consider
+:map <leader>paste :set invpaste<cr>
+"% wrap/formatting paragraph according to the current 'textwidth' with ^J (control-j):
+:imap <C-J> <C-O>gqap
+:nmap <C-J> gqap
+:vmap <C-J> gq
+"% save file, go to next file in buffer
+:map <leader>nf :w <enter> :n <enter>
+"% vimdiff q exits
+:if &diff
+: cmap q qa
+"% directory files, placed in vertical split window
+:map <leader>ls :vs<cr> :Explore<cr>
+:map <leader>dir :vs<cr> :Explore<cr>
+:if &diff
+: cmap q qa
+"% remapping lines make cursor jump a line at a time within wrapped text
+:nnoremap j gj
+:nnoremap k gk
+:vnoremap j gj
+:vnoremap k gk
+:nnoremap <Down> gj
+:nnoremap <Up> gk
+:vnoremap <Down> gj
+:vnoremap <Up> gk
+:inoremap <Down> <C-o>gj
+:inoremap <Up> <C-o>gk
+"% search and replace
+:map <leader>rd :.,$s///c "search and replace down
+:map <leader>rg :%s///c "search and replace whole file
+:map <leader>rr :rubyd gsub!(//,"")
+"% pwd t64 working directory set to that of the file you're editing
+"changes pwd to directory of file in current buffer
+:function! CHANGE_CURR_DIR()
+: let _dir = expand("%:p:h")
+: exec "cd " . _dir
+: unlet _dir
+"% Change to the directory the file in your current buffer is in
+:if has("autocmd")
+ autocmd BufEnter * :lcd %:p:h
+"% autocompletefilenames To search for files in the current directory
+:set path=,,
+"auto-completion for file to edit in current dir, used in normal mode
+:map <leader>e :e <c-r>=expand("%:p:h") . "/" <cr>
+:map <leader>pwd :exe 'cd ' . expand ("%:p:h")<cr>
+"% searchhighlight t93: Toggle search highlight <C-n>
+:function! ToggleHLSearched()
+: if &hls
+: set nohls
+: else
+: set hls
+: endif
+:nmap <silent> <C-n> :silent call ToggleHLSearched()<cr>
+"%% SiSU vim folds
+"% foldsearchx FoldSearch (opens result of search all else closed) t77
+:map fs :set foldmethod=expr foldcolumn=2 foldlevel=0 <cr>
+:map <leader>ff :F<cr>
+:map <leader>fe :F<cr> zE
+"% foldtoggle Fold Toggle mapped to <space>
+:fun! ToggleFold()
+: if foldlevel('.') == 0
+: normal! l
+: else
+: if foldclosed('.') < 0
+: foldclose
+: else
+: foldopen
+: endif
+: endif
+" Clear status line
+: echo
+" Map this function to Space key.
+:noremap <space> :call ToggleFold()<cr>
+"% foldtype Fold? set foldtext
+:set foldtext=v:folddashes.substitute(getline(v:foldstart),'\\=','','g',)
+:set foldexpr=getline(v:lnum-1)!~@/&&getline(v:lnum)!~@/&&getline(v:lnum+1)!~@/
+"% foldsearch t77: Fold on search result
+:function! FoldMake(search)
+: set fdm=manual
+: normal zE
+: normal G$
+: let folded = 0 "flag to set when a fold is found
+: let flags = "w" "allow wrapping in the search
+: let line1 = 0 "set marker for beginning of fold
+: while search(a:search, flags) > 0
+: let line2 = line(".")
+: if (line2 -1 > line1)
+: "echo line1 . ":" . (line2-1)
+: "echo "a fold goes here."
+: execute ":" . line1 . "," . (line2-1) . "fold"
+: let folded = 1 "at least one fold has been found
+: endif
+: let line1 = line2 "update marker
+: let flags = "W" "turn off wrapping
+: endwhile
+" create the last fold which goes to the end of the file.
+: normal $G
+: let line2 = line(".")
+: if (line2 > line1 && folded == 1)
+: execute ":". line1 . "," . line2 . "fold"
+: endif
+: normal 1G
+"% folds Fold Patterns
+:command! -nargs=+ -complete=command FMake call FoldMake(<q-args>)
+: if ( &filetype == "ruby" )
+: command! F FMake ^# ==\?\|^\s*\(\(def\|class\|module\)\s\|\(public\|protected\|private\|__END__\)\s*$\)\|\(^\s*\|\s\+\)#%\s
+: command! Fa FMake \(^# ==\?\|^\s*\(\(\(def\|class\|module\)\s\)\|\(\(public\|protected\|private\|__END__\)\(\s*$\)\)\)\)\|^[0-9]\~\|\([#%]\|^["]\)\{1,4\}\s*%\|{\({\|!!\)
+: command! FD FMake \(^# ==\?\|^\s*\(\(def\|class\|module\)\s\)\)\|^\s*\([#%"0-9]\{0,4\}\~\(%\+\s\|!!\)\|#\s\+=\+\s\+\)
+: else
+"% folds :F Fold Patterns SiSU Markup :F
+: command! F FMake ^\([1-8]\|:\?[A-C]\)\~\|\(^%\|\(^\|\s\+\)[#"]\)%\{1,2\}\(\s\|$\)\|^<<\s*|
+: command! Fa FMake ^\([1-8]\|:\?[A-C]\)\~\|\(^%\|\(^\|\s\+\)[#"]\)%\{1,2\}\(\s\|$\)\|^<<\s*|\|^\(Book\|Part\|Chapter\|Section\|Article\|BOOK\|PART\|CHAPTER\|SECTION\|ARTICLE\)\s
+: command! F0 FMake ^\(\s*0\~\|@\S\+:[+-]\?\s\+\)
+: command! FA FMake ^:\?A\~
+: command! FB FMake ^:\?[AB]\~
+: command! FC FMake ^:\?[A-C]\~
+: command! F1 FMake ^\(:\?[A-C]\|1\)\~
+: command! F2 FMake ^\(:\?[A-C]\|[12]\)\~
+: command! F3 FMake ^\(:\?[A-C]\|[1-3]\)\~
+: command! F4 FMake ^[1-4]\~
+: command! F5 FMake ^[4-5]\~
+: command! F6 FMake ^[4-6]\~
+: command! Fc FMake ^[%]\+\s\+
+: endif
+"% folds Fold Patterns misc
+":command! Fp FMake ^\s*[A-Za-z0-9#]
+:command! Fp FMake ^\s*\S
+:command! Fo FMake ^[%\"]\s*[{>]
+"% linenumbering, on, relative, off
+:map <Leader>nn :set <c-r>={'00':'','01':'r','10':'nor'}[&rnu.&nu]<CR>nu<CR>
+"% cursorline
+:map <leader>cu :if &cursorcolumn <Bar>
+ \set nocursorline nocursorcolumn <Bar>
+ \else <Bar>
+ \set cursorline cursorcolumn <Bar>
+ \endif<cr>
+:map <leader>cu- :set nocursorline nocursorcolumn<cr>
+:map <leader>cu+ :set cursorline cursorcolumn<cr>