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-% SiSU insert 2.0
-@title: SiSU
- :subtitle: Search
- :author: Amissah, Ralph
- :published: 2007-09-16
- :created: 2002-08-28
- :issued: 2002-08-28
- :available: 2002-08-28
- :modified: 2011-02-07
- :copyright: Copyright (C) Ralph Amissah 2007
- :license: GPL 3 (part of SiSU documentation)
- :num_top: 1
- :breaks: new=C; break=1
- :skin: skin_sisu_manual
- :bold: /Gnu|Debian|Ruby|SiSU/
-:A~? @title @creator
-:B~? SiSU Search
-1~search_intro SiSU Search - Introduction
-SiSU output can easily and conveniently be indexed by a number of standalone indexing tools, such as Lucene, Hyperestraier.
-Because the document structure of sites created is clearly defined, and the text object citation system is available hypothetically at least, for all forms of output, it is possible to search the sql database, and either read results from that database, or just as simply map the results to the html output, which has richer text markup.
-In addition to this SiSU has the ability to populate a relational sql type database with documents at an object level, with objects numbers that are shared across different output types, which make them searchable with that degree of granularity. Basically, your match criteria is met by these documents and at these locations within each document, which can be viewed within the database directly or in various output formats.