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+% SiSU 2.0
+@title: SiSU
+ :subtitle: Who Might Be Interested?
+ :author: Amissah, Ralph
+ :created: 2002-08-28
+ :issued: 2002-08-28
+ :available: 2002-08-28
+ :published: 2007-09-16
+ :modified: 2011-02-07
+ :copyright: Copyright (C) Ralph Amissah 2007
+ :license: GPL 3 (part of SiSU documentation)
+:A~? @title @creator
+:B~? Who might SiSU interest?
+1~sisu_interest Who might be interested in the SiSU feature set?
+SiSU is most likely to be of interest to people who are working with medium to large volumes of published texts that would like to have the presented in a uniform way that is searchable (either using sisu database integration or an appropriate indexing tool), with the possibility of multiple alternative output formats that may be added to and upgraded/updated over time. SiSU should be of interest to institutions/ organisations/ governments/ individuals with document collections and some technical knowhow that are interested in:
+_* long term maintenance and reducing downstream/future costs of maintaining those document sets for which SiSU is suited.
+_* the ability to output multiple standard format outputs for various purposes.
+_* the implications for search offered