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+% SiSU insert 2.0
+@title: SiSU
+ :subtitle: Homepages
+ :author: Amissah, Ralph
+ :published: 2007-09-16
+ :created: 2007-08-28
+ :issued: 2007-08-28
+ :available: 2007-08-28
+ :modified: 2011-02-07
+ :copyright: Copyright (C) Ralph Amissah 2007
+ :license: GPL 3 (part of SiSU documentation)
+:A~? @title @creator
+:B~? Setting up of homepages
+1~home Homepages
+SiSU is about the ability to auto-generate documents. Home pages are regarded as custom built items, and are not created by SiSU. More accurately, SiSU has a default home page, which will not be appropriate for use with other sites, and the means to provide your own home page instead in one of two ways as part of a site's configuration, these being:
+# through placing your home page and other custom built documents in the subdirectory _sisu/home/ (this probably being the easier and more convenient option)
+# through providing what you want as the home page in a skin,
+Document sets are contained in directories, usually organised by site or subject. Each directory can/should have its own homepage. See the section on directory structure and organisation of content.
+2~ Home page and other custom built pages in a sub-directory
+Custom built pages, including the home page index.html may be placed within the configuration directory _sisu/home/ in any of the locations that is searched for the configuration directory, namely ./_sisu ; ~/_sisu ; /etc/sisu
+From there they are copied to the root of the output directory with the command:
+_1 sisu -CC