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+% SiSU insert 2.0
+@title: SiSU
+ :subtitle: CSS - Cascading Style Sheets
+ :author: Amissah, Ralph
+ :created: 2007-08-28
+ :issued: 2007-08-28
+ :available: 2007-08-28
+ :published: 2007-09-16
+ :modified: 2011-02-07
+ :copyright: Copyright (C) Ralph Amissah 2007
+ :license: GPL 3 (part of SiSU documentation)
+:A~? CSS
+1~css CSS - Cascading Style Sheets (for html, XHTML and XML)
+CSS files to modify the appearance of SiSU html, XHTML or XML may be placed in the configuration directory: ./_sisu/css ; ~/.sisu/css or; /etc/sisu/css and these will be copied to the output directories with the command sisu -CC.
+The basic CSS file for html output is html.css, placing a file of that name in directory _sisu/css or equivalent will result in the default file of that name being overwritten.
+The default homepage may use homepage.css or html.css
+Under consideration is to permit the placement of a CSS file with a different name in directory _sisu/css directory or equivalent.~{ SiSU has worked this way in the past, though this was dropped as it was thought the complexity outweighed the flexibility, however, the balance was rather fine and this behaviour could be reinstated. }~