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:B~? What is SiSU?
1~sisu_intro Introduction - What is SiSU?
+={ SiSU: introduction }
SiSU is a lightweight markup based document creation and publishing framework that is controlled from the command line. Prepare documents for SiSU using your text editor of choice, then use SiSU to generate various output document formats.
+={ SiSU: description }
From a single lightly prepared document (plain-text UTF-8) sisu custom builds several standard output formats which share a common (text object) numbering system for citation of content within a document (that also has implications for search). The sisu engine works with an abstraction of the document's structure and content from which it is possible to generate different forms of representation of the document. SiSU produces: plain-text, HTML, XHTML, XML, EPUB, ODF:ODT (Opendocument), LaTeX, PDF, and populates an SQL database (PostgreSQL or SQLite) with text objects, roughly, paragraph sized chunks so that document searches are done at this level of granularity.