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The manual pages provided with SiSU are also available online, and there is an interactive help, which is being superseded by the man page, and possibly some document which contains this component.
2~ SiSU "man" pages *~man
+={ SiSU help:manpage }
If SiSU is installed on your system usual man commands should be available, try:
@@ -53,27 +54,8 @@ _* {~^ sisu.8 }
_* {~^ sisu_webrick.1 }
-2~ SiSU built-in help
-_1 sisu --help
-_1 sisu --help [subject]
-_2 sisu --help env [for feedback on the way your system is setup with regard to sisu]
-_2 sisu -V [same as above command]
-_2 sisu --help commands
-_2 sisu --help markup
-2~ Command Line with Flags - Batch Processing
-Running sisu (alone without any flags, filenames or wildcards) brings up the interactive help, as does any sisu command that is not recognised.
-In the data directory run sisu -mh filename or wildcard eg. "sisu -h cisg.sst" or "sisu -h *.{sst,ssm}" to produce html version of all documents.
1~howto_setup Setup, initialisation
+={ SiSU:initialize }
2~ initialise output directory
@@ -81,7 +63,7 @@ Images, css files for a document directory are copied to their respective locati
while within your document markup/preparation directory, issue the following command
-_1 sisu -CC
+_1 sisu --config
3~ Use of search functionality, an example using sqlite