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1~filetypes SiSU filetypes
+={ SiSU:file types;file types }
SiSU has plaintext and binary filetypes, and can process either type of document.
@@ -38,10 +39,12 @@ SiSU source markup can be shared with the command:
_1 sisu -s [filename]
3~ sisu text - regular files (.sst)
+={ SiSU:file types;file types:sst }
The most common form of document in SiSU, see the section on SiSU markup.
3~ sisu master files (.ssm)
+={ SiSU:file types;file types:ssm }
Composite documents which incorporate other SiSU documents which may be either regular SiSU text .sst which may be generated independently, or inserts prepared solely for the purpose of being incorporated into one or more master documents.
@@ -52,10 +55,12 @@ Note: Master documents may be prepared in a similar way to regular documents, an
Note: a secondary file of the composite document is built prior to processing with the same prefix and the suffix ._sst ~{ .ssc (for composite) is under consideration but ._sst makes clear that this is not a regular file to be worked on, and thus less likely that people will have "accidents", working on a .ssc file that is overwritten by subsequent processing. It may be however that when the resulting file is shared .ssc is an appropriate suffix to use. }~
3~ sisu insert files (.ssi)
+={ SiSU:file types;file types:ssi }
Inserts are documents prepared solely for the purpose of being incorporated into one or more master documents. They resemble regular SiSU text files (.sst). Since sisu-5.5.0 (6.1.0) .ssi files can like .ssm files include other .sst or .ssm files. .ssi files cannot be called by the sisu processor directly and can only be incorporated in other documents. Making a file a .ssi file is a quick and convenient way of breaking up a document that is to be included in a master document, and flagging that the file to be incorporated .ssi is not intended that the file should be processed on its own.
2~ sisupod, zipped binary container (, .ssp)
+={ SiSU:file types;file types:sisupod }
A sisupod is a zipped SiSU text file or set of SiSU text files and any associated images that they contain (this will be extended to include sound and multimedia-files)