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1~config Configuration
2~ Configuration files
+={ SiSU:configuration files;configuration files }
3~ config.yml
+={ SiSU:configuration files;configuration files:sisurc.yml }
SiSU configration parameters are adjusted in the configuration file, which can be used to override the defaults set. This includes such things as which directory interim processing should be done in and where the generated output should be placed.
@@ -54,6 +56,7 @@ Configuration determines the output and processing directories and the database
If SiSU is installed a sample sisurc.yml may be found in /etc/sisu/sisurc.yml
3~ sisu_document_make
+={ SiSU:configuration files;configuration files:sisu_document_make }
Most sisu document headers relate to metadata, the exception is the @make: header which provides processing related information. The default contents of the @make header may be set by placing them in a file sisu_document_make.