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@@ -657,13 +657,6 @@ version information
.B -v [filename/wildcard]
see --verbose
-.B --v5 [filename/wildcard]
-invokes the sisu v5 document parser/generator. You may run sisu5 instead. This
-is the current default and is normally omitted.
-.B --v6 [filename/wildcard]
-invokes the sisu v6 document parser/generator. You may run sisu6 instead.
.B --verbose [filename/wildcard]
provides verbose output of what is being generated, where output is placed (and
error messages if any), as with -u flag provides a url mapping of files created
@@ -1112,8 +1105,6 @@ to this one:
synopsis=sisu [-abcDdeFhIiMmNnopqRrSsTtUuVvwXxYyZz0-9] [filename/wildcard ]
. sisu [-Ddcv] [instruction]
. sisu [-CcFLSVvW]
- . sisu --v5 [operations]
- . sisu --v6 [operations]
{ SiSU Homepage }
@@ -2645,9 +2636,9 @@ Configure substitution in _sisu/sisu_document_make
The current
.B Debian
-.B Wheezy
-the next debian will be
.B Jessie
+the next debian will be
+.B Stretch
Configure substitution in _sisu/sisu_document_make
@@ -2816,19 +2807,19 @@ resource configuration is determined by looking at the following files if they
- ./_sisu/v5/sisurc.yml
+ ./_sisu/v7/sisurc.yml
- ~/.sisu/v5/sisurc.yml
+ ~/.sisu/v7/sisurc.yml
- /etc/sisu/v5/sisurc.yml
+ /etc/sisu/v7/sisurc.yml
@@ -2860,19 +2851,19 @@ the @make header may be set by placing them in a file sisu_document_make.
The search order is as for resource configuration:
- ./_sisu/v5/sisu_document_make
+ ./_sisu/v7/sisu_document_make
- ~/.sisu/v5/sisu_document_make
+ ~/.sisu/v7/sisu_document_make
- /etc/sisu/v5/sisu_document_make
+ /etc/sisu/v7/sisu_document_make