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parentv5: output structure by, multilingual, monolingual filenames tweak (diff)
v4: merge v5 lib (5.0.10)sisu_4.1.10
* output structure by, add monolingual alt for :filetype & :filename, step 1 * output structure by, monolingual alternative for :filetype or :filename without language code, if document is in default language * set a default language, 'en' or as specified * set in rc file or from command line instruction * command line e.g. sisu -hv --monolingual --by-filename sisu_markup.sst sisu -3v --monolingual --by-filetype sisu_manual.ssm * sisurc.yml lingual: 'mono' | 'multi' lingual: 'mono' * note: output by :filetype is roughly equivalent to what monolingual output by :language would be * allow command line setting of default language using language code --default-language='en' --default-lang-en if used together with --monolingual and --by-filetype or --by-filename the selected default language document will not have a language code in the output filename * output structure by, monolingual alternative, documentation * cgi helper script, sample search form, single form, monolingual option * single cgi form, (with different internal variables set for output types)
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@@ -427,7 +427,7 @@ these flags affect output by filetype and filename): --i18n-mono
(--monolingual) output filenames without language code for default language
('en' or as set); --i18n-multi (--multilingual) language code provided as part
of the output filename, this is the default. Where output is in one language
-only the language code may not be desired. see also --output-by-* (v5)
+only the language code may not be desired. see also --output-by-*
.B --inc-*
include output feature, overrides configuration settings, (usually the default