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@@ -113,6 +113,7 @@ ruby setup.rb setup
#[as root:]
ruby setup.rb install
further information:
@@ -737,12 +738,12 @@ on its own, provides *SiSU* version information
*-v [filename/wildcard]*
see --verbose
-*--v3 [filename/wildcard]*
-invokes the sisu v3 document parser/generator. You may run sisu3 instead.
+*--v5 [filename/wildcard]*
+invokes the sisu v5 document parser/generator. You may run sisu5 instead. This
+is the current default and is normally omitted.
-*--v4 [filename/wildcard]*
-invokes the sisu v4 document parser/generator. This is the default and is
-normally omitted.
+*--v6 [filename/wildcard]*
+invokes the sisu v6 document parser/generator. You may run sisu6 instead.
*--verbose [filename/wildcard]*
provides verbose output of what is being generated, where output is placed (and