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debian/siddebian/changelog (7.2.0-1)Ralph Amissah3 months
nextreintroduce old markup for code numberingRalph Amissah3 months
tmp-danielRunning wrap-and-sort -bast.Daniel Baumann16 months
upstreamversion & changelog, tag for releaseRalph Amissah3 months
debian/sisu_7.2.0-1sisu-debian/  sisu-debian/sisu_7.2.0-1.tar.xz  Ralph Amissah3 months  sisu_7.2.0.tar.xz  Ralph Amissah3 months
debian/sisu_7.1.12-1sisu-debian/  sisu-debian/sisu_7.1.12-1.tar.xz  Ralph Amissah5 months  sisu_7.1.12.tar.xz  Ralph Amissah5 months
debian/sisu_7.1.11-1sisu-debian/  sisu-debian/sisu_7.1.11-1.tar.xz  Ralph Amissah2 years  sisu_7.1.11.tar.xz  Ralph Amissah2 years
debian/sisu_7.1.10-1sisu-debian/  sisu-debian/sisu_7.1.10-1.tar.xz  Ralph Amissah2 years  sisu_7.1.10.tar.xz  Ralph Amissah2 years
debian/sisu_7.1.9-1sisu-debian/  sisu-debian/sisu_7.1.9-1.tar.xz  Ralph Amissah3 years  sisu_7.1.9.tar.xz  Ralph Amissah3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2014-05-25v5: merge v6 to v5, version bump to 5.4.*, reason adds structure checksisu_5.4.0Ralph Amissah27-512/+867
2014-05-25v5 v6: version & changelog (& rakefile)Ralph Amissah5-9/+23
2014-05-18v5 v6: cgi, sample search forms: use ruby-pg & ruby-sqlite3; remove ruby-dbisisu_5.3.6Ralph Amissah11-77/+79
2014-05-18v5 v6: db, remove ruby-dbi, for: pg ruby-pg, sqlite ruby-sqlite3 (already uses)Ralph Amissah16-76/+185
2014-05-18v5 v6: db, use symbols to identify sql engineRalph Amissah18-83/+89
2014-05-18v6: utils, add ok code markerRalph Amissah1-1/+13
2014-05-18documentation updatesRalph Amissah12-2320/+2405
2014-05-18v5 v6: version & changelog (& rakefile)Ralph Amissah5-8/+22
2014-05-13documentation, notes, updatesisu_5.3.5Ralph Amissah4-14/+152
2014-05-13v6: ao, heading with no ocn, distinguish ~# from -#Ralph Amissah8-59/+80