BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debian/siddebian/changelog (7.2.0-1)Ralph Amissah3 months
nextreintroduce old markup for code numberingRalph Amissah3 months
tmp-danielRunning wrap-and-sort -bast.Daniel Baumann16 months
upstreamversion & changelog, tag for releaseRalph Amissah3 months
debian/sisu_7.2.0-1sisu-debian/  sisu-debian/sisu_7.2.0-1.tar.xz  Ralph Amissah3 months  sisu_7.2.0.tar.xz  Ralph Amissah3 months
debian/sisu_7.1.12-1sisu-debian/  sisu-debian/sisu_7.1.12-1.tar.xz  Ralph Amissah5 months  sisu_7.1.12.tar.xz  Ralph Amissah5 months
debian/sisu_7.1.11-1sisu-debian/  sisu-debian/sisu_7.1.11-1.tar.xz  Ralph Amissah2 years  sisu_7.1.11.tar.xz  Ralph Amissah2 years
debian/sisu_7.1.10-1sisu-debian/  sisu-debian/sisu_7.1.10-1.tar.xz  Ralph Amissah2 years  sisu_7.1.10.tar.xz  Ralph Amissah2 years
debian/sisu_7.1.9-1sisu-debian/  sisu-debian/sisu_7.1.9-1.tar.xz  Ralph Amissah3 years  sisu_7.1.9.tar.xz  Ralph Amissah3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2010-12-09changelog, cosmeticsisu_2.7.9Ralph Amissah2-8/+8
2010-12-09dal, markup syntax (fontface) multi-line match, for line-wrap textRalph Amissah4-24/+32
2010-12-08dal, multiline-match to permit line-wrap on bullet text (and headings)Ralph Amissah4-9/+17
2010-12-07document manifest link (plaintext, odf)Ralph Amissah6-20/+28
2010-12-04html, link to "document manifest" & search form reviewed (testing required)Ralph Amissah6-94/+123
2010-12-04html, link to "document manifest" remains (individual output links removed)Ralph Amissah5-112/+21
2010-11-29texpdf: toc now contains level 3~ consistent with other output formatsRalph Amissah3-1/+19
2010-11-29epub: ocn (object numbers) now link to themselvesRalph Amissah3-1/+11
2010-11-29html & css: ocn (object numbers) now link to themselvesRalph Amissah5-37/+49
2010-11-12texpdf, use of monospace in headings causes table of contents breakage, fixRalph Amissah3-4/+30