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* Removing useless whitespaces from upstream files at EOL.Daniel Baumann2010-07-021-14/+14
* changelog & version updatesisu_1.0.3Ralph Amissah2010-02-171-21/+21
* cgi-sample search form; texinfo fix; xml scaffold; help, man pages etc. ↵Ralph Amissah2007-07-071-0/+3088
visited; screen output, color set to true; docbook entries removed * cgi generated sample search form * order results on files of the same title, in multiple files (with different filenames) * postgresql, character case sensitivity, control, on/off * tail decoration, gplv3 & sisu info * texinfo/info (pinfo) module starts to do something vaguely useful again [not a much used module, testing required] * print XML rendition of document structure to screen -T * sisurc.yml default, color set to true [apologies if this causes anyone any inconvenience, it is configurable in sisurc.yml] * help, man pages, README (man(8) related and env, 'sisu -V') * docbook entries removed for the present time * sisu-install (install ruby rant script renamed) and permissions set to executable