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@@ -8,8 +8,8 @@ Standards-Version: 3.7.2
Package: sisu
Architecture: all
Depends: ruby (>= 1.8.2), ruby (<< 1.9), libwebrick-ruby, rsync, unzip, zip
-Conflicts: vim-sisu, sisu-vim, sisu-remote
-Replaces: vim-sisu, sisu-vim
+Conflicts: vim-sisu, sisu-vim, sisu-remote, sisu-doc
+Replaces: vim-sisu, sisu-vim, sisu-doc
Recommends: sisu-pdf, sisu-sqlite, sisu-postgresql, hyperestraier, keychain, librmagick-ruby, librexml-ruby, openssl, openssh-client | lsh-client, tidy, vim-addon-manager
Suggests: kdissert, lv, rcs | cvs, pinfo, texinfo, trang
Description: documents - structuring, publishing in multiple formats and search