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parentv6: texpdf, pdf default font size configurable (cli & sisurc.yml) (no fractions) (diff)
v6: texpdf, pdf colored hyperlinks configurable
* --pdf-hyperlinks-color --pdf-hyperlinks-no-color or --pdf-hyperlinks-monochrome * ['default']['pdf_hyperlinks']='color' (other options switch hyperlink color off 'no-color' 'color-off' 'monochrome') * (Closes: #744391) no color on a4 portrait see discussion in sisu.org
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@@ -1594,7 +1594,7 @@ if you have the following sisu syntax:
then anything (including and) after ':B~ bar' is ignored entirely.
-**** TODO [#C] #744391 [w|u] sisu output: no color on a4 portrait
+**** DONE (6.0.5) [#C] #744391 [w|u] sisu output: no color on a4 portrait :output:pdf:contemplate:
From: Daniel Baumann <daniel.baumann@progress-technologies.net>
@@ -1627,6 +1627,33 @@ pdf does indeed have colors (red for toc, blue for links).
+portrait was provided for print/paper copy and is great for that in monochrome
+(without grays for colored links),
+landscape better matching a screen for visual presentations, color affecting the landscape only
+make configurable by cli & rc file
+make both (portrait & landscape colors) configurable
+either as hyperlinks monochrome or colored
+overriding existing default which remains as described
+--pdf-hyperlinks-no-color or --pdf-hyperlinks-mono
+ pdf_hyperlinks: *[possible values]
+ pdf_hyperlinks_portrait: *[possible values]
+ pdf_hyperlinks_landscape: *[possible values]
+ * 'color' or ('mono' or 'no-color' or 'color-off')
**** TODO [#D] #744395 [w|u] sisu output: half-page title page in landscape output