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primarily todo with sisu documentation, changelog reproduced below:
* start documenting sisu using sisu * sisu markup source files in data/doc/sisu/sisu_markup_samples/sisu_manual/ /usr/share/doc/sisu/sisu_markup_samples/sisu_manual/ * default output [sisu -3] in data/doc/manuals_generated/sisu_manual/ /usr/share/doc/manuals_generated/sisu_manual/ (adds substantially to the size of sisu package!) * help related edits * manpage, work on ability to generate manpages, improved * param, exclude footnote mark count when occurs within code block * plaintext changes made * shared_txt, line wrap visited * file:// link option introduced (in addition to existing https?:// and ftp://) a bit arbitrarily, diff here, [double check changes in sysenv and hub] * minor adjustments * html url match refinement * css added tiny_center * plaintext * endnotes fix * footnote adjustment to make more easily distinguishable from substantive text * flag -a only [flags -A -e -E dropped] controlled by modifiers --unix/msdos --footnote/endnote * defaults, homepage * renamed homepage (instead of index) implications for modifying skins, which need likewise to have any homepage entry renamed * added link to sisu_manual in homepage * css the css for the default homepage is renamed homepage.css (instead of index.css) [consider removing this and relying on html.css] * ruby version < ruby1.9 * place stop on installation and working with for now [ruby String.strip broken in ruby 1.9.0 (2007-09-10 patchlevel 0) [i486-linux], 2007-09-18:38/2] * debian/control restrict use to ruby > 1.8.4 and ruby < 1.9 * debian * debian/control restrict use to ruby > 1.8.4 and ruby < 1.9 * sisu-doc new sub-package for sisu documentation debian/control and sisu-doc.install
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Once set up it is simple to use.
+%% Information, places to look
+Within the SiSU tarball:
+ ./data/doc/sisu/sisu_manual/
+Once installed, directory equivalent to:
+ <file:///usr/share/doc/sisu/sisu_manual/>
+Available man pages are converted back to html using man2html:
+ <file:///usr/share/doc/sisu/html/>
+ ./data/doc/sisu/html/
%% Online Information, places to look
+ <http://www.jus.uio.no/sisu>
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