2010-07-08 Daniel BaumannAdding manpages for newly added sisu aliases.
2010-07-08 Ralph Amissahsome cleaning of default outputs, ongoing
2010-07-07 Ralph Amissahprovide alternative sisu command names sisu-pg & sisu...
2010-07-07 Ralph Amissahsisu version & changelog
2010-07-07 Ralph Amissahsisu.vim sisu version & date
2010-07-07 Ralph Amissahdocumentation, minor updates
2010-07-07 Ralph Amissahmanpage, remove monospace tag
2010-07-07 Ralph Amissahsysenv, version.yml moved to /usr/share/sisu (from...
2010-07-06 Ralph Amissahshared_xml, monospace marker for monospace tag
2010-07-06 Ralph Amissahshared_html_lite, db_import, monospace font (codeblock...
2010-07-06 Ralph Amissahdb_import, remove monospace tag
2010-07-06 Ralph Amissahplaintext, remove monospace tag
2010-07-06 Ralph Amissahtexpdf, monospace font (codeblock & monospace tag)
2010-07-06 Ralph Amissahodf, monospace font (codeblock & monospace tag)
2010-07-06 Ralph Amissahepub, monospace font (codeblock & monospace tag)
2010-07-06 Ralph Amissahhtml, monospace font (codeblock & monospace tag)
2010-07-06 Ralph Amissahvim syntax, recognize #{ monospace }# tag
2010-07-06 Ralph Amissahdal_syntax, constants, introduce #{ monospace }# tag
2010-07-06 Ralph Amissahurls, output info -t produces plaintext output
2010-07-06 Ralph Amissahtexpdf_format, output special characters, special circu...
2010-07-02 Ralph Amissahsysenv, make output directory if needed (if possible)
2010-07-02 Daniel BaumannRemoving useless whitespaces from upstream files at...
2010-07-02 Ralph Amissahprovide alternatives for producing single output types
2010-07-02 Ralph Amissahhub, make -t produce plaintext output, (documentation...
2010-06-29 Ralph AmissahFree as in Freedom, add oclc (Online Computer Library...
2010-06-12 Ralph Amissahsha256 (2.5.1)
2010-06-12 Ralph Amissahupdate: changelog, version (2.5.1) sisu_2.5.1
2010-06-12 Ralph Amissahtexpdf, ensure default font is set (Liberation Sans)
2010-06-12 Ralph Amissahsha256 (2.5.0)
2010-06-12 Ralph Amissahdebian/changelog (2.5.0-1) sisu_2.5.0
2010-06-12 Ralph Amissahsisurc.yml, mention alternative ebook-viewers
2010-06-12 Ralph Amissahtable, (xhtml, odf): empty cell (single tilde to indica...
2010-06-12 Ralph Amissahtexpdf_format: add fontface to tables
2010-06-12 Ralph Amissahdal_syntax, apply fontfaces also to tables
2010-06-12 Ralph Amissahvim syntax, highlight header @make: :texpdf_font:
2010-06-12 Ralph Amissahtexpdf set/select font, default "Liberation Sans"
2010-06-12 Ralph Amissahparam, fix breakage on malformed sisu identifier (top...
2010-06-12 Ralph Amissahminor (cosmetic, & info retention)
2010-06-12 Ralph Amissahcss (for html), right pane dark, distinguish from selec...
2010-06-06 Ralph Amissahsha256 (2.4.3)
2010-06-06 Ralph Amissahupdate: changelog, version (2.4.3) sisu_2.4.3
2010-06-06 Ralph Amissahvim/ftplugin/sisu.vim, make less intrusive
2010-06-02 Ralph Amissahsha256 (2.4.2)
2010-06-01 Ralph Amissahupdate: changelog, version (2.4.2) sisu_2.4.2
2010-06-01 Ralph Amissahdocumentation, text, much todo
2010-06-01 Ralph Amissahremote file processing fix (url instead of local file...
2010-06-01 Ralph Amissahtexpdf, start using polyglossia (xelatex) (instead...
2010-05-26 Ralph Amissahsha256 (2.4.1)
2010-05-26 Ralph Amissahupdate: changelog, version (2.4.1) sisu_2.4.1
2010-05-26 Ralph Amissahgeneral extension of regex matches for http: to include...
2010-05-26 Ralph Amissahdal syntax, doc_str, http: matches to include https:
2010-05-26 Ralph Amissahtexpdf_format, https: url match with tilde, fix
2010-05-26 Ralph Amissahepub & odf, regex matches for http: to include https:
2010-05-26 Ralph Amissahsha256 (2.4.0)
2010-05-26 Ralph Amissahupdate: changelog, version (2.4.0) sisu_2.4.0
2010-05-26 Ralph Amissahsisu documentation related mostly on markup
2010-05-26 Ralph Amissahoutput formats internal document (and relative) linking...
2010-05-26 Ralph Amissahsysenv, require constants, (issue with webrick)
2010-05-26 Ralph Amissahdal (syntax, doc_str, numbering) add internal document...
2010-05-26 Ralph Amissahvim syntax highlighter, added tag for internal document...
2010-05-26 Ralph Amissahsisurc.yml minor update and cleaning
2010-05-19 Ralph Amissahsha256 (2.3.5)
2010-05-19 Ralph Amissahupdate: changelog, version (2.3.5) sisu_2.3.5
2010-05-19 Ralph Amissahdal_doc_str, name tags fix
2010-05-19 Ralph Amissahdal_syntax, url match fix
2010-05-17 Ralph Amissahdata/sisu/v2/conf/editor-syntax-etc/vim/templates ...
2010-05-14 Ralph Amissahsisu_markup.sst, documentation update *{emphasis}*...
2010-05-13 Ralph Amissahsha256 (2.3.4)
2010-05-13 Ralph Amissahurls, screen output control sisu_2.3.4
2010-05-13 Ralph Amissahupdate: changelog, version (2.3.4)
2010-05-13 Ralph Amissahsysenv, switch default hash digest fingerprints to...
2010-05-13 Ralph Amissahdal_syntax, italics match fix
2010-05-13 Ralph Amissahurls, screen output control
2010-05-05 Ralph Amissahsha256 (2.3.3)
2010-05-05 Ralph Amissahupdate: changelog, version (2.3.3)
2010-05-05 Ralph Amissahtexpdf, special word optional break point detail sisu_2.3.3
2010-05-05 Ralph Amissahdefaults, reduce image sizes to fit landscape pdfs...
2010-05-05 Ralph Amissahshared_metadata, texpdf, reduce text display size of...
2010-05-05 Ralph Amissahtexpdf, url braces, (add, fix)
2010-05-05 Ralph Amissahtexpdf, special word and number optional break points
2010-05-05 Ralph Amissahsysenv, sisurc.yml, default shortform command flags
2010-05-05 Ralph Amissahansi, urls screen info, minor
2010-05-03 Ralph Amissahsha256 (2.3.2)
2010-05-03 Ralph Amissahupdate: changelog, version (2.3.2) sisu_2.3.2
2010-05-03 Ralph Amissahansi, screen info related, arranging
2010-05-03 Ralph Amissahdal_numbering, heading auto-numbering, a fix
2010-05-03 Ralph Amissahshared_txt, text wrap, <br> related, revert, issues...
2010-05-02 Ralph Amissahscreen output, & minor arranging
2010-05-01 Ralph Amissahshare source and sisupod make, control screen output
2010-05-01 Ralph Amissahsisurc.yml, default: text_wrap: (78) & emphasis: (bold...
2010-05-01 Ralph Amissahurls, screen info control tuning
2010-05-01 Ralph Amissah*{emphasis}* display configurable as being bold, italic...
2010-05-01 Ralph Amissahreduce screen output unless some verbose flag (such...
2010-05-01 Ralph Amissahparam_identify_markup, identify version 2 markup
2010-05-01 Ralph Amissahtexpdf, tell file being processed
2010-05-01 Ralph Amissahshared_txt, text wrap, deal with <br> markers where...
2010-04-30 Ralph Amissahmanifest, expand on description of book indexes in...
2010-04-30 Ralph Amissahvim syntax highlighter adds configuration of emphasis...
2010-04-30 Ralph Amissahemphasis display and plaintext line wrap configurable...
2010-04-29 Ralph Amissahmarkup for *{emphasis}* configurable as being either...