2015-05-01 Ralph AmissahMerge tag 'sisu_6.5.0' into debian/sid
2015-05-01 Ralph Amissahversion & changelog, tag for release sisu_6.5.0
2015-05-01 Ralph Amissahd: v6 made default branch (prior to v7 dir restructuring)
2015-05-01 Ralph Amissahc<-d: sync, roll develop into current dir branch (5==6)
2015-05-01 Ralph Amissahsetup.rb s/Config/RbConfig/
2015-05-01 Ralph Amissahgitignore adjustments
2015-05-01 Ralph Amissahc&d: version & changelog
2015-04-25 Ralph Amissahdebian/changelog (5.8.0-1) debian/sisu_5.8.0-1
2015-04-25 Ralph Amissahdebian/control description modified, minor
2015-04-25 Ralph Amissahremove debian/patches prepared during Debian Jessie...
2015-04-25 Ralph Amissahdebian/copyright date
2015-04-25 Ralph AmissahMerge tag 'sisu_5.8.0' into debian/sid
2015-04-25 Ralph Amissahversion & changelog, tag for release sisu_5.8.0
2015-04-25 Ralph Amissahc&d: se_info_env, program images path
2015-04-25 Ralph Amissahc: hub options, fix
2015-04-25 Ralph Amissahqi libs, minor, remove debian specific url
2015-04-25 Ralph git download info
2015-04-25 Ralph Amissahgitignore adjustments
2015-04-13 Ralph Amissahd: hub, if run from dir tree check git describe version...
2015-04-13 Ralph Amissahbin/sisu when run from dir tree, check git describe...
2015-04-13 Ralph Amissahdocumentation, acquiring source & installation, minor
2015-04-13 Ralph Amissahinstall related, qi (quick install) & rake
2015-04-09 Ralph Amissahqi (quick install) fix
2015-04-09 Ralph Amissahsisu packaging notes
2015-04-09 Ralph, prevent subscripting (by underscore) mangles...
2015-04-09 Ralph Amissahc&d: sort image path when run from project dir (not...
2015-04-09 Ralph Amissahc&d: pass info needed make run better without install
2015-04-09 Ralph Amissahc&d: se_programs for "which" i/o redirection of error...
2015-04-09 Ralph Amissahd: ao_doc_objects fix for ao_doc_str
2015-04-09 Ralph Amissahc&d: cleaning
2015-04-09 Ralph Amissahgitignore, minor adjustment
2015-03-24 Ralph Amissahdocumentation update to mention bibliography
2015-03-24 Ralph Amissahd: bibliography marked up section of citations & metadata
2015-03-24 Ralph Amissahd: ao & elsewhere, use of map & select
2015-03-24 Ralph Amissahd: manifest add html ids to label/identify content
2015-03-24 Ralph Amissahd: manpage fix
2015-03-24 Ralph Amissahc&d: ao regex matches, auto match possessives ending...
2015-03-24 Ralph Amissahc&d: misc, largely but not entirely cosmetic
2015-03-24 Ralph Amissahgitignore, minor
2015-01-20 Ralph Amissahd: po4a, initialize either directly with sst or passed...
2015-01-20 Ralph Amissahd: po4a_shelf, shelf current po4a, change tack
2015-01-20 Ralph Amissahd: po4a, provide po4a.cfg file
2015-01-20 Ralph Amissahbin/sisu-misc-utils + c&d: lib sisu_thor_lib currently...
2015-01-20 Ralph Amissahsisu po4a ruby thor Rakefile equivalent (& cosmetic...
2015-01-20 Ralph Amissahd: utils_response, rely on module (remove class) extend...
2015-01-20 Ralph Amissahd: utils_response, ease selection options
2015-01-20 Ralph Amissahbin/sisu + c&d: SiSU_is now methods (instead of hash)
2015-01-20 Ralph Amissahbin + c&d: RbConfig (instead of Config, switch)
2015-01-20 Ralph Amissahc&d: some cruft
2015-01-20 Ralph Amissahd: composite documents (.ssm), extract insert files...
2015-01-08 Ralph Amissahd: po4a, continue reorganization (translation request...
2015-01-08 Ralph Amissahd: po4a, reorganize a bit
2015-01-08 Ralph Amissahd: po4a, stub for auto-translate
2015-01-08 Ralph Amissahd: po4a, init, if lang src == translation, empty transl...
2015-01-08 Ralph Amissahc&d: po4a, book index, reinstate
2015-01-08 Ralph Amissahc&d: po4a (& git) revisited, revisit
2015-01-08 Ralph Amissahc&d: html, ocn link back to self reinstated
2015-01-08 Ralph Amissahc&d: small fixes
2015-01-08 Ralph consider
2015-01-08 Ralph Amissahgitignore, ignore
2014-12-11 Ralph Amissahd: persist, address garbage collection issue, bug, fix
2014-12-10 Ralph Amissahc&d: html, output by filename, filenames, fix
2014-12-09 Ralph Amissahc&d, cgi, search form, html ref, remove leading o ocn...
2014-12-08 Ralph Amissahd: xmls, reorganize, introduce new file
2014-12-08 Ralph Amissahd: epub, reorganize, introduce new file
2014-12-08 Ralph Amissahd: html, segments, reorganize, introduce new file
2014-12-08 Ralph Amissahd: orgmode, add orgmode structure output to txts
2014-12-08 Ralph Amissahd: txt outputs, reorganize, introduce new files
2014-12-08 Ralph Amissahd: ao, rearrange, introduce new file
2014-12-08 Ralph Amissahd: misc mostly minor
2014-12-08 Ralph Amissahd: in dp (param) project_details used instead of sisu_v...
2014-12-08 Ralph Amissahd: track changes to sisu_version info
2014-12-08 Ralph Amissahc&d: version & branch info, changes related to move...
2014-12-08 Ralph Amissahc&d: project dir structure, libs moved under new branch...
2014-12-08 Ralph Amissahv5 v6: code headers reformatted for viewing as org...
2014-12-08 Ralph Amissahorg files, minor editing
2014-12-08 Ralph Amissahorg files related to sisu, break up and place in own...
2014-12-08 Ralph AmissahCHANGELOGS formatted for viewing as emacs org-mode...
2014-12-08 Ralph Amissahsisu-mode.el emacs, outline mode "folding" for sisu
2014-12-08 Ralph Amissahqi, (quick install) header update (also rbuild)
2014-12-08 Ralph Amissahyear set 2015 (prepare for the new year)
2014-12-08 Ralph Amissahv5 v6: version & changelog (upstream "UnFrozen" early)
2014-11-03 Ralph Amissahadded patch jessie_bugfix_767761 debian/sisu_5.7.1-2
2014-11-03 Ralph Amissahdebian/changelog (5.7.1-2)
2014-11-03 Ralph Amissah.gitignore ignore .pc quilt dir
2014-11-03 Ralph Amissahdebian/control sisu description, minor refinement
2014-11-03 Ralph Amissahversion & changelog (revert to 5.7.1 state, minimize...
2014-11-03 Ralph AmissahMerge tag 'sisu_5.7.2' into debian/sid
2014-11-03 Ralph Amissahv5 v6: ao, composite documents, on --verbose report... sisu_5.7.2
2014-11-03 Ralph Amissahv5 v6: version & changelog (Frozen: bugfix & documentat...
2014-10-20 Ralph Amissahdebian/changelog (5.7.1-1) debian/sisu_5.7.1-1
2014-10-20 Ralph AmissahMerge tag 'sisu_5.7.1' into debian/sid
2014-10-20 Ralph Amissahv5 v6: cgi, sample search form, find & display endnotes... sisu_5.7.1
2014-10-20 Ralph Amissahv5 v6: db, text search & display field, footnotes moved...
2014-10-20 Ralph Amissahv5 v6: html_format, "id"s for objects & footnotes
2014-10-20 Ralph Amissahv5 v6: html, remove trailing backslash for empty linebr...
2014-10-19 Ralph Amissahv5 v6: version & changelog (tidy & simplify, output...
2014-10-12 Ralph Amissahdebian/changelog (5.7.0-1) debian/sisu_5.7.0-1
2014-10-12 Ralph AmissahMerge tag 'sisu_5.7.0' into debian/sid
2014-10-12 Ralph Amissahv5: merge v6: remove defaults.rb & some relics related... sisu_5.7.0