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2015-12-15 Ralph Amissahdocumentation related to search, needs further review
2015-05-21 Ralph Amissahdate, some remaining year updates 2015
2015-05-15 Ralph Amissahdocumentation update !bibliography & !glossary
2015-05-01 Ralph Amissahdocumentation, reflect absence of version directory...
2015-05-01 Ralph Amissahlib/sisu/*, single libs directory (c&d gone) (7)
2015-03-24 Ralph Amissahdocumentation update to mention bibliography
2014-10-03 Ralph Amissahdocumentation, minor (on --act) sisu_5.6.9
2014-09-19 Ralph Amissahupdate urls to git repo
2014-08-20 Ralph Amissahdocumentation related, sisu manual book index, and... sisu_5.6.2
2014-08-08 Ralph Amissahdocumentation related sisu_5.6.0
2014-07-23 Ralph Amissahdocumentation related sisu_5.5.2
2014-07-15 Ralph Amissahdocuments / documentation related
2014-07-11 Ralph Amissahdocumention related sisu_5.5.0
2014-05-18 Ralph Amissahdocumentation updates
2014-05-13 Ralph Amissahdocumentation, notes, update sisu_5.3.5
2014-05-13 Ralph Amissahv6: ao, document markup structure check, skip processin...
2014-05-13 Ralph Amissahv6: digests sha512 option implemented
2014-02-14 Ralph Amissahv5 v6: ocn, object citation numbering, --no-numbering... sisu_5.3.4
2014-02-09 Ralph Amissahdocumentation, minor update sisu_5.3.3
2014-02-05 Ralph AmissahREADME & manpage (sisu.1) update sisu_5.3.1
2014-01-26 Ralph Amissahv5 v6: made true, branches: v6 development; v5 stable... sisu_5.3.0
2013-12-03 Ralph Amissahv5: documentation related to commands for new outputs... sisu_4.2.13
2013-11-09 Ralph Amissahv4 v5: bin/sisu-* sisu_4.2.12
2013-08-08 Ralph Amissahv4: merge v5 lib (5.0.10) sisu_4.1.10
2013-07-31 Ralph Amissahv5: output structure by, monolingual alternative, docum...
2013-05-29 Ralph Amissahv4 v5: help, documentation update, concentrate on man... sisu_4.1.2
2013-05-10 Ralph Amissahv5 dev branch opened (starts as copy of v4 stable branc... sisu_4.1.0
2013-02-23 Ralph Amissahv4: documentation, sisu markup (sisu_markup.sst, man... sisu_4.0.9
2013-02-07 Ralph Amissahv4: documentation, sisu_manual/sisu_commands, manpage...
2013-02-04 Ralph Amissahv4: documentation, include --html-scroll and --html... sisu_4.0.5
2012-12-30 Ralph Amissahv4: documentation, sisu.1 manpage & minor
2012-12-12 Ralph Amissahv4: documentation; markup samples & help
2012-10-03 Ralph Amissahv4: 4.0.0 new branch & version & changelog "opened"
2012-05-28 Ralph Amissahv3: documentation update, command line control of outpu...
2012-03-21 Ralph Amissahv3: documentation sisu_commands, manpage, html (man2html) sisu_3.2.1
2011-12-09 Ralph Amissahv3: documentation, manpage & html (man2html) sisu_3.1.7
2011-10-04 Ralph Amissahv2 v3: documentation, manpage
2011-07-27 Ralph Amissahv2 v3: manpage
2011-06-27 Ralph Amissahv3: documentation, on additional breaks in document... sisu_3.0.13
2011-05-30 Ralph Amissahv3: documentation, minor update, includes --find /... sisu_3.0.11
2011-04-28 Ralph Amissahv*: manpages escaped hyphens reinstated
2011-04-20 Ralph Amissahv2 v3: options, -M / --maintenance, new alias --keep...
2011-03-10 Ralph Amissahmanpage: sisu.1 and html regenerated
2011-03-06 Ralph Amissahdocumentation, minor tidy
2011-03-06 Ralph Amissahmanpage + html: sylink sisu.1 to sisu3.1
2011-03-06 Ralph Amissahdocumentation, remove some files
2011-03-05 Ralph Amissahsisu.8 manpage & html deleted, needs rewrite, unhelpful
2011-03-05 Ralph Amissahmanpages: sisu.1 update; sisu_vim.7 cleaning
2011-02-07 Ralph Amissahdocumentation & man pages, add sisu3, sisu-po and touches
2011-02-01 Ralph Amissahv3 introduced as development branch, invoked using...
2010-10-14 Ralph Amissahdocumentation related minor updates and fixes
2010-09-22 Ralph Amissahmanpage, v2 update (including --long-options)
2010-07-12 Ralph Amissahsisu-harvest, alias for sisu --harvest (with man page)
2010-07-08 Ralph Amissahmanpage for sisu-concordance alias sisu_2.6.0
2010-07-08 Ralph Amissahmanpages, (also html)
2010-07-08 Daniel BaumannAdding manpages for newly added sisu aliases.
2010-07-07 Ralph Amissahdocumentation, minor updates
2010-07-02 Daniel BaumannRemoving useless whitespaces from upstream files at...
2010-03-17 Ralph Amissahdocumentation minor update, add epub, modify some dir...
2010-03-06 Ralph Amissahintroducing version 2, major patch, (version 1 librarie... sisu_2.0.0
2009-12-21 Ralph Amissahdocumentation get paths to reflect directory structure... sisu_1.0.0
2009-12-20 Ralph Amissahdocumentation, small changes to description of -m ...
2008-12-16 Ralph Amissahmanpage, help include: sisu --harvest *.ss[tm]
2008-12-14 Ralph Amissahchangelog synced and man pages, minor updates
2008-12-13 Ralph Amissahmostly additional metadata fields
2008-12-12 Ralph Amissahhelp and changelog update
2008-09-16 Ralph Amissahvarious small fixes
2008-07-23 Ralph Amissahsisu-0.68.0 proposed
2008-05-23 Ralph Amissahversion update in documentation
2008-05-23 Ralph Amissahupdate man pages and version
2008-02-24 Ralph Amissahinformation update
2008-02-16 Ralph Amissahregex matches vim syntax hilighting
2008-02-14 Ralph Amissahmanpage clean sisu_0.64.4
2008-02-14 Ralph Amissahminor information/help (man page) related
2008-02-05 Ralph Amissahversion rolled back, not ready to open ruby 1.9 some...
2008-02-05 Ralph Amissahminor info updates
2007-10-16 Ralph Amissahmanpage, todo with rearrangement of conditionals, adjus...
2007-10-13 Ralph Amissahman page update
2007-10-12 Ralph Amissahsisu_vim, manpage issue sisu_0.61.0
2007-10-12 Ralph Amissahsisu manual and man page update
2007-09-29 Ralph Amissahhash test now will return only filename, no path, man...
2007-09-29 Ralph Amissahstart preparing sisu-auto-generated man pages for 0...
2007-09-28 Ralph Amissahremoval of auto-generated manpages
2007-09-25 Ralph Amissahdocumentation regenerated
2007-09-24 Ralph Amissahdocumentation regenerated, large diff
2007-09-23 Ralph Amissahprimarily todo with sisu documentation, changelog repro...
2007-09-03 Ralph Amissahsisu-0.58 work towards making it possible to describe...
2007-07-30 Ralph Amissahman page date minor
2007-07-30 Ralph Amissah-0 no longer produces output without numbering (ocn...
2007-07-07 Ralph Amissahcgi-sample search form; texinfo fix; xml scaffold;...
2007-07-01 Ralph Amissahprimarily gpl3 changes, license changed, license includ...
2007-06-15 Ralph Amissahcgi search script fix, related to highlighting matches... sisu_0.54.1
2007-05-22 Ralph AmissahImported upstream version 0.52.7 sisu_0.52.7 upstream/0.52.7