Removing useless whitespaces from upstream files at EOL.
[software/sisu] / Rantfile
2007-07-27 Ralph Amissahcommit rbuild as common rake rant build file
2007-07-27 Ralph Amissahmaintain rinstall as a common rant (Rantfile), rake...
2007-07-27 Ralph Amissahrant installer adjustments
2007-07-07 Ralph Amissahcgi-sample search form; texinfo fix; xml scaffold;...
2007-07-01 Ralph Amissahrant sisu installer sisu_0.55.0
2007-07-01 Ralph AmissahRantfile header info
2007-07-01 Ralph Amissahprimarily gpl3 changes, license changed, license includ...
2007-06-25 Ralph Amissahminor cleaning of rant file
2007-06-15 Ralph Amissahcgi search script fix, related to highlighting matches... sisu_0.54.1
2007-06-14 Ralph Amissahsisu-0.54.0 (minor additions to syntax, indent range... sisu_0.54.0
2007-05-22 Ralph AmissahImported upstream version 0.52.7 sisu_0.52.7 upstream/0.52.7