d: po4a, init, if lang src == translation, empty translation field
[software/sisu] / README
2014-10-03 Ralph Amissahdocumentation, minor (on --act) sisu_5.6.9
2014-09-19 Ralph Amissahupdate urls to git repo
2014-08-20 Ralph Amissahdocumentation related, sisu manual book index, and... sisu_5.6.2
2014-08-08 Ralph Amissahdocumentation related sisu_5.6.0
2014-07-23 Ralph Amissahdocumentation related sisu_5.5.2
2014-07-15 Ralph Amissahdocuments / documentation related
2014-07-11 Ralph Amissahdocumention related sisu_5.5.0
2014-07-07 Ralph Amissahsisu.org, README minor sisu_5.4.5
2014-05-18 Ralph Amissahdocumentation updates
2014-05-13 Ralph Amissahdocumentation, notes, update sisu_5.3.5
2014-05-13 Ralph Amissahv6: ao, document markup structure check, skip processin...
2014-05-13 Ralph Amissahv6: digests sha512 option implemented
2014-02-14 Ralph Amissahv5 v6: ocn, object citation numbering, --no-numbering... sisu_5.3.4
2014-02-09 Ralph Amissahdocumentation, minor update sisu_5.3.3
2014-02-05 Ralph Amissahmanual Rakefile, README & minor config adjustment sisu_5.3.2
2014-02-05 Ralph AmissahREADME & manpage (sisu.1) update sisu_5.3.1
2014-01-18 Ralph AmissahREADME clean info related to unsupported --help option
2012-10-03 Ralph Amissahv4: 4.0.0 new branch & version & changelog "opened"
2011-03-03 Ralph AmissahCHANGELOG_v{1,2,3}, syslink, avoid duplication
2010-07-02 Daniel BaumannRemoving useless whitespaces from upstream files at...
2010-03-06 Ralph Amissahintroducing version 2, major patch, (version 1 librarie... sisu_2.0.0
2010-02-04 Ralph AmissahCHANGELOG & README ...
2009-12-21 Ralph Amissahdocumentation get paths to reflect directory structure... sisu_1.0.0
2009-12-20 Ralph Amissahchangelog, & version number updates
2007-09-23 Ralph Amissahprimarily todo with sisu documentation, changelog repro...
2007-09-06 Ralph Amissahcosmetic output fixes related to 'Copy @' default note
2007-07-28 Ralph Amissahmention of rake
2007-07-07 Ralph Amissahcgi-sample search form; texinfo fix; xml scaffold;...
2007-07-01 Ralph Amissahprimarily gpl3 changes, license changed, license includ...
2007-06-15 Ralph Amissahcgi search script fix, related to highlighting matches... sisu_0.54.1
2007-05-22 Ralph AmissahImported upstream version 0.52.7 sisu_0.52.7 upstream/0.52.7