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* data directory, housekeeping, small correctionssisu-markup-samples_7.1.3Ralph Amissah2018-02-144-7/+11
* typo...Ralph Amissah2015-09-301-1/+1
* make a blurb non-substantive, no ocnRalph Amissah2015-09-301-0/+4
* update a few urlsRalph Amissah2015-09-302-3/+4
* bibliography related, minorRalph Amissah2015-09-302-4/+4
* book index markup related touchesRalph Amissah2015-09-304-8/+12
* markup: bibliography, Two Bits, segment name missing exclamationRalph Amissah2015-05-221-1/+1
* markup: provide bibliography & glossary examples (for sisu-7.1.0)sisu-markup-samples_7.1.0Ralph Amissah2015-05-153-1697/+3764
* markup: manually marked up bibliography, no ocn & no bold authorsRalph Amissah2015-05-152-452/+904
* markup: Public Domain, Boyle, name non chapter sections/headingsRalph Amissah2015-05-151-2/+2
* markup: Democratizing Innovation, von Hippel, minor fixesRalph Amissah2015-05-151-6/+17
* adjustments to markup in data/samples/currentRalph Amissah2014-08-074-41/+41
* Free Culture, current markup, use quote block markers (sisu >= 5.4.3)sisu-markup-samples_5.0.1Ralph Amissah2014-07-021-80/+178
* markup document structure updates, part of former already shared commitRalph Amissah2014-05-211-0/+1
* markup document structure updates, errors detected by sisu 5.3.5Ralph Amissah2014-05-182-1/+7
* data/samples/, provide alternative sisu markup style directories (and content)Ralph Amissah2013-10-1421-0/+67005