Create a new Repository

ssh create $repository

Delete an existing Repository

ssh D unlock $repository
ssh D rm $repository

Set repository description

ssh desc $repository $description

Set default branch

ssh symbolic-ref $repository HEAD refs/heads/$branch

Show granted Permissions


Giving access to other users

# Give anonymous git-daemon read access (to enable cloning through git://)
ssh perms $repository + READ daemon

# Give anonymous gitweb read access (to enable gitweb web-frontend at
ssh perms $repository + READ gitweb

# Give read access to Philipp Pluess (pup1) through SSH
ssh perms $repository + READ $user

# Give write access
ssh perms $repository + WRITE $user

# Give overwrite access (write access plus non-fastforward pushes)
ssh perms $repository + OVERWRITE $user

# Give merge access (overwrite access plus merge commits)
ssh perms $repository + MERGE $user

# Show given permissions
ssh perms -l $repository